What is the Best Hair Colour for Grey Hair

Who hasn’t had the experience of standing at the front of the mirror and unexpectedly noticing the very first strand of silver glitter? Grey hair always raises eyebrows in certain individuals, but no need to to be concerned; after all, after all, genuine beauty is generated in our bodies, not on our scalps. Finding hair colour for grey hair is a dream for everyone, especially as they attain a certain age. Many individuals have it in mind what they can do to get a hair colour that would conceal their grey hair and give them a young appearance.

#ProTip: Highlights which are no more than two shades darker than your natural colour are great for brown or black hair. Highlights are best avoided on dark hair since they accentuate grey strands in an unpleasant way.

Highlights are a fantastic choice if just a single to a few grey hairs develop at first. They preserve the hair, make the skin glow, and help with visual rejuvenation. Here we have prepared grey hair colouring suggestions for those who are plagued by white streaks.

Continue to use grey!

Why do we want to get away from grey? This hue can provide us with a broad range of possibilities for displaying amazing hair! Before getting all the way to silver, colorists advocate utilising light and lighter brown shades to create a more progressive transition. Semi-permanent hair colouring is also a good technique to ease into grey hair gradually: as the colour fades, the greys colour emerges again.

  • Silver Balayage is one of the best hair colour for grey hairs

Silver balayage is a colouring procedure that involves applying a colour gradient from dark to light to the hair in order to make it appear brighter and more manageable, as well as to conceal the sight of the first grey hairs. Furthermore, silver balayage may be applied to any type of hair, independent of colour, making it a far more accessible colouring technique.

The only disadvantage of this form of colouring is that it needs a lot of care because the shine fades rapidly.

#ProTip: When grey hair reappears, there are a few ways that might help you disguise grey hair quickly, such as using henna or a colour spray (washable). If you do have an important occasion coming up, a smart hairdo might also cover grey roots.

Brown shades are good to go!

As we age, our skin with dark tones might appear fatigued. This is because the colour of our skin changes as we age, and the disappearance of that beautiful rosy glow associated with youth is due to a decrease in blood circulation.

  • Softer tones blend in smoothly
    We recommend using softer tones that blend in with the skin, which will help to cover any new grey hair that may emerge unexpectedly. Warmer tones are more pleasing than chilly tones because they emphasise your cheeks’ flush and make your face appear more vibrant and healthy. Caramel, light brown, golden brown, and ash brown are all refreshing colours for the complexion. These are some of the best hair colours for grey hairs since they are quite adaptable and not too dark.

Godrej brown hair colour shampoo is one of the most instant and effective hair colour for grey hairs that you can try. The Godrej hair colour shampoo is ammonia-free and consists of the goodness of shikakai and amla which enriches your hairs with vital nutrients with its oils that leaves hair lustrous and nourished.

#ProTip: It’s vital to leave at least a couple of centimetres from the roots to begin the process of leaving grey hair if you want to obtain attractive and sophisticated grey hair after regular colouring.

Platinum blonde is for the ones who love something different

We all know this is one of the most popular colours around the globe, but only a few people dare to wear it. Either out of fear of discoloration or laziness in the face of the meticulous care that this colouring needs to keep its lustre. However, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for maintaining platinum hair and making it seem fantastic. It is recommended that you await 24 to 48 hours after application to wash it off, according to specialists. Because it requires at least 24 hours for the colour to set in the hair. The colour will linger less if you cleanse it the day after you apply it.



The impact of hair texture for colouring grey hairs.

What should you know about colour fine grey hair?

Because fine hair isn’t as “thirsty,” it’s generally simpler to cover grey than other types. The colour may penetrate more easily since the strands are finer and less thick. It’s important to keep in mind that thin hair can be straight, wavy, or curly; what matters is the texture of the hair, not its temperament.

What should you know about colouring thick grey hair?


Because the strands are bigger and tend to be dry, generating a rougher surface that rejects colour, covering grey on thick, coarse hair can be particularly difficult. This type of hair will need to be properly saturated, and processing time after colour application may be increased (by five to ten minutes).

How to take care of your grey hairs after colouring them?

  • Rubbing your hair with a towel can damage and discolour your hair. After showering, squeeze your hair downwards to prevent irritation in the cuticle the wrong way, and use soft cotton towels instead of the heavy ones.
  • With the hair colour masks, you can keep your colour bright and vibrant. It only takes 5 minutes every two weeks to keep your complexion vibrant and your hair nourished.
  • Use good hair products (shampoo and conditioner) specifically designed for coloured hair. These are ideal for colour-treated hair.
  • Grey hair is prone to being dry and coarse, thus hydration is essential. To maintain your hair smooth and supple, apply a weekly hair mask.
  • Grey hair is more vulnerable to external damage, so wear a hat while you’re out in the sun and stay away from saline water, private or public pools, and heat styling as much as you can.

Is it preferable to conceal or flaunt grey hair?

Dying them is difficult, and wearing them requires skill. Which option do you prefer? It’s a question of genetics whether you have more or less grey hair. Although there are young persons who have premature grey hair and adults who have grey hair from an age far before four decades, hair naturally loses its pigment from the age of 40. Grey to white hair can represent wisdom, knowledge, and empowerment, as well as old age and irresponsibility. You have the options for covering with the best colours for grey hairs. However, you also have the option for putting preconceptions aside and proudly pick what you want to do with your grey hair.

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