Ensure a smooth inflow of money from defaulters

It becomes incredibly frustrating when you work for your client and bill not paid or invoice not paid on time. Hence, you waste time running after customers to get back your money if bill not paid instead of managing your project. As a result, you cannot move ahead and carry out your usual business activities. Are you worried about if invoice not paid what happens? Furthermore, you cannot focus on your primary business as you often call your defaulting customers for enforce claims if customer does not pay invoice, or money collecting.

Hence, the growth of your business comes to a standstill. During these frustrating moments, the only and perhaps the best solution for your business if bill not paid is to outsource the collecting activity. It will save you time, and above all, you will be able to concentrate on the core activities of your business. However, the dunning procedure is quite lengthy and time-consuming. Hence if Rechnung nicht bezahlt, then the only option is to hire the lawyer who can work for invoice collection and get back your money from due on the open invoices.

What happens when a customer does not pay an invoice?

You have done the work and sent the invoice to the customer. However, you do not get the payment on time. So, what can you do if a customer does not pay invoice within the stipulated time? There are many ways to raise a payment if bill not paid or invoice not paid from your customer instead of following the hard way for extrajudicial dunning procedure expiration.

  • Offer different forms of payment.

If your customer does not pay for services due to specific reasons, try to make the process of payment easy for him through lawyer. For example, it can be that he does not have any particular option for paying his bills. Hence, if you can offer him other forms of payment, it will become easier for him to pay his outstanding dues if bill not paid or invoice not paid.

  • Offer Discount

If you can offer a discount to your customers if they pay early before the deadline or if bill not paid or invoice not paid, you will surely get your payments on time. In addition, customers will feel that they can save a part of their expenses if they pay early. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Payment deadlines

If a customer does not pay craftsman invoice or customer does not pay for services, you must make sure that you set a deadline for your customer. You can also grant your customer various payment terms or extrajudicial dunning procedure expiration for enforce claims so that your customer can make the payments easily.

  • Send reminders

If your customer defaults for bill not paid or an invoice not paid, one solution is sending reminders by email. You can also send a reminder via SMS or what’s app. The most convenient method is to have a conversation with your customer over the phone as you will clearly understand the payment time. At first search about the claim meaning.

The best option for dunning procedure

Suppose you find that despite your repetitive reminder by email for invoice collection or any other medium is not bringing positive results. In that case, the best solution is to hire the services of a professional who will give reminder by email for invoice collection and take care of your receivables debts or outstanding invoices. You can take the help of the free services of an external partner who will ensure that you get back your receivables outstanding debts. If you try it yourself, you will be at risk. Hence, it will be best if you outsource the commercial dunning procedure or dunning procedure. The advantages of leaving the reminder by email, commercial dunning procedure or dunning procedure for invoice collection with an expert are the following:

  • The services are free of cost. The customer bears the reminder and open invoices. Hence, as a result, you will be able to raise your bill from open invoices without paying any extra cash.
  • As an outsource partner, you will not have to summarize the monthly defaulters since everything would be taken care of, from reminders to collecting outstanding receivables debts of open invoices from the customers. Moreover, you will get reminders of the outstanding due amount with the due dates so that you know the transaction is in process.
  • Since the debt collection agents are friendly, you will recover or collecting the outstanding dues quickly. They will send reminder by email for invoice collection and do not believe in giving final reminder with threat of legal action sample to the customers. They are polite and know how to deal with defaulters tactfully.
  • The ultimate final reminder with threat of legal action sample remains with you as you will see an inflow of debts money into your account from debt collection or debt recovery. Hence, your company will gradually see reminder by email and a decline in the number of defaulters.


It becomes challenging to keep a steady flow of activities. Now you can find the answer of your question if invoice not paid what happens. Certain areas of a business, like the money collection if receivables debts not paid, bill not paid or invoice not paid, do not become a part of its core activities. Hence, if you want to concentrate on the growth of your business, you must outsource your money collection or research for claim meaning or Rechnung nicht bezahlt to someone who can reminder by email, open invoices and bring back the outstanding amounts from the customers.

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