Guiding Questions When Shopping The Best Realistic Vibrators

Do you like it hard, or soft?

The best realistic vibrators  are made with different materials, and while it might not seem like it matters, it definitely does. Most are made from either rubber, plastic or silicone.

A rubber vibe is squishy and is the perfect material for the popular ‘Rabbit’ model, because it lets the vibrations travel through the ears, directed at stimulating the clitoris while the shaft of the vibrator works on hitting your G-spot. Plastic vibes are hard and often used for G-spot stimulation because they’re more solid and precise, while silicone is used in premium vibes because it’s silky and warms up quickly for ultimate pleasure potential.

Whichever material you end up using, it’s important to pay attention to what lube you use. For example, silicone lube and silicone vibes do NOT mix, so be careful to read the description label on each bottle when choosing one to pair with your best realistic vibrator.

Do you want to go for hours?

The best realistic vibrators are usually powered by batteries, are USB charged, or need to be plugged into a power source.

Battery-powered vibes are the cheapest option, but are often quite loud and the least powerful. A USB rechargeable vibe can be particularly handy, because, let’s face it, no one wants to run downstairs and steal the batteries from the TV remote when their vibe runs out of juice mid-session. They’re also usually pretty quiet, which is a massive plus (especially if you have housemates and don’t want them to know every time you’re masturbating).

Vibes you have to plug into the wall are easily the most powerful, but limit where you can tend to yourself because you’ve got to be close to a wall socket. And you can’t dream of going near water. Don’t be fooled into thinking plug-in vibes are old school though; the world-famous Hitachi magic wand is one of these beauties, and it’s still one of the most popular vibes of all time.