Venetian Blinds were once a hallmark of high society in America when they made their way to the States via Venice in the mid-18th century by way of the Persian Empire. But these days, blinds are often overlooked in favor of something more opulent (think: roman shades) or even more minimalist (think: blinds). This is a real shame, because they’re highly effective at filtering and blocking light, letting the view through – and they’re also extremely discreet.  A Charleston-based photographer who used them in her window-filled living room and admits that one of the biggest appeals is, how practical they are. Pull the cord and it disappears right into the frame of the window itself (especially if it’s the same color); drop them down and the light casts those telling streaks across the floor and furniture; make a move and your neighbors won’t see you while you watch a little Netflix.


Designer Alex Kalita, who opted for blinds on all the windows in her Brooklyn apartment, says, “I needed something for privacy, but I like natural light, I like greenery outside, and I like to see the sky. “Blinds – or blinds with blinds if you’re looking for a good set that’s not that expensive – did the trick. As much as we love blinds and bamboo blinds, it’s true that they don’t let the outside world in. He also appreciates that they add to the pre-war architecture – and mostly furniture from a thrift store—a crisp, modern touch to her first solo apartment. For the most bang for your buck, look for quality wood or even faux wood sets. , rather than the flimsy kind of vinyl, that’s prone to snagging and knotting. You can even customize them: Replace DIY jute button string Paint (or replace!) the strip of molding that hides the mechanism at the top You can even spray paint them to match the walls.

Interesting facts about blinds

  1. Wind – If you have a windy location: in open mode, the blinds rarely swing because the open slats allow air to flow. In closed mode, if the wind is strong enough, the whole blind can swing a bit more. However, compared to blinds and combination blinds, the swing is much less because the blinds are quite heavy.
  2. Light Blocking – Completely darkening the room during the day is not possible due to ambient light seeping through the gaps between the slats, even when they are closed. You need to see if it affects your morning sleep. Most customers are fine with this, but if you require a complete blackout of the room, curtains are more suitable. See the image below for an example of light leakage.
  3. Size Limit – Most blinds have a typical width limit of 2.4-2.9m. So if you have a wider window, you will need to split the blinds into 2 sets. It also depends on how tall your lift is, usually the maximum width is 2.7m. And for newer mono; single loop systems, it is best to limit each panel to an area of ​​less than 50 square feet.