Tips for First-Time Strip Club Customers

When you go to a strip club you will find a wide mix of people from veterans who’ve seen it all to wide-eyed first-timers who have a hard time picking their jaws from hitting the floor. There are always men and women who know a thing or two about strip clubs and some who wander into such clubs to satisfy their curiosity. Fortunately, Melbourne has a number of adult entertainment venues that welcome all kinds of customers. It’s hard to tell whether a customer coming through a strip club Melbourne is a regular or a rookie.

Gentlemen’s clubs have all kinds of names. Some are well-established venues that are popular and well known. Some are part of world-class brands with reputations that precede them. Strip clubs are ideal for night-time adult entertainment. You can go in as part of a group or solo. The important thing that you should take along with you is cash. You have to bring wads of cash like 20s and 50 dollars are broken into 1$ denominations. There are a few tips that can help make a visit to a gentlemen’s club unforgettable:

Be sure to tip them accordingly,  tip them accordingly because if you’re just sitting there and doing nothing you are taking precious space that a big stripper could have been occupying. In a strip club, word travels faster than the speed of light and you might get an icy treatment.

The best strip clubs hire the best performers. These are girls who know how to make customers welcome and keep the fun going for as long as possible. You might just have such a good time that your time flies by and might find yourself stumbling into the dawn. A good strip club doesn’t always feature great-looking performers but it could just be famous for being a great space to hang out in. Some people will choose to go to a strip club Melbourne for the ambiance alone and nude girls providing the entertainment kind of like a band in a music venue.


This goes without saying. You don’t go into someone’s workplace and start disrespecting them. When strippers are working, they need to feel that they are in a safe space. Keep your vulgar comments to yourself, keep your hands to yourself and drink responsibly. Keep in mind that a lot of the girls that work as strippers do it secretly. Their families and friends might not know or approve and there is always the stigma this is why you shouldn’t take pictures when you are in a strip club or at least take pictures or videos of any of the girls without their consent. If you go out of line, security will take care of you.

Take time to savour the moment

It’s important to take enough cash to last you the entire time you will be there. A lot of first-timers make the mistake of “raining” money on stage for the entertainer. Performers will appreciate it but the night can be long and many more girls might be billed to perform. You’ll be drunk and out of money by the time the best performers get on stage later on. A lot of rookie customers make the mistake of blowing their night even when the night was still too young. There is nothing wrong with being cautious when spending your money, you work hard for it. The thing is: when boys are out doing things that boys do they tend to lose their minds and blow their stacks before the night really begins. By all means tip but be conservative with how you spend and get a sense of the money you are likely to spend in relation to the time you plan on spending in a strip club Melbourne. Avoid strip club ATMs, you could do some serious damage to your bank account.