Things to Consider When Selecting a New Kitchen Faucet

A faucet is essential for performing a wide range of kitchen activities, from washing dishes to prepping meals. Therefore, picking the right kitchen faucet is essential to make the most out of it. If you are confused regarding how to choose the right faucet for your kitchen sink, learn about the top factors that you need to consider:

1.  Material

The material of your kitchen faucet will determine its durability. The top materials for faucets include chrome, ceramic, and stainless steel. Chrome guarantees simple maintenance but also smudges easily. Ceramics might have an aesthetic appeal but is not that sturdy. Stainless steel faucets might be expensive but are completely value-for-money because of their durability.

2.  Handle

You can choose from single and double-handle kitchen faucets. The single-handle faucets are perfect if you mostly cook your meals at home. It will ensure you can easily adjust the flow and temperature of water using one hand, finger, or even your elbow. It’s perfect for busy kitchens and even appropriate for people with limited mobility.

A two-handle faucet can add a lot of drama to your kitchen sink. It can be an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen. Double-handle faucets can help you achieve a traditional as well as industrial look.

3.  Sprayer

Since the kitchen sink is extremely useful for cleaning and washing, the sprayer is an important consideration. A faucet with an in-built sprayer is often a convenient option for homeowners. But you can also go for faucets with a separate sprayer. Usually, you will be able to navigate between using the sprayer and faucet by simply clicking a switch.

4.  Arc

The arc determines the reach of your faucet. It can be considered the distance between your sink top and spout base. A taller arc is useful for filling and washing large utensils. You will have to pick the right arc according to how you are most likely to use the kitchen sink.

5.  Height

The faucet height is important for visual appeal as well as practical reasons. A tall faucet looks exquisite and is well-suited for countertop sinks. But if your sink is below cabinets, you need to be picking an optimized height to get a unique blend of style and functionality.

6.  Installation

Before choosing a new faucet, it’s pretty essential to comprehend the difficulty surrounding its installation. A faucet that is easy to install is definitely a more pragmatic choice. It’s always better to avoid kitchen faucets that require you to do a lot of crawling and bending.

Kitchen faucets that can be installed from above the counter are ideal for upgrading a kitchen without calling in professional help. Always look for faucets with quick-connect fittings to avoid a complicated installation process.

7.  Convenience

There’s no point in installing a high-flow faucet unless it’s convenient to use. For instance, a faucet with a pull-down spray spout is perfect for homeowners with a kid. It will ensure that the kids can easily use the faucet. Moreover, pull-down sprayers make it convenient to wash items in the sink and clean the sink itself.

8.  Style and Design

Faucet installation is an integral part of kitchen remodeling. Therefore, the appearance of the faucet is an important consideration. Since the faucet is usually installed in a prominent space, its style and design should complement your kitchen’s overall look.

You can go for a traditional faucet to accentuate the classic opulence of your kitchen with a refined touch. Any warm-toned kitchen with natural stones, wood, and whites will look utterly graceful with a traditional faucet.

A contemporary faucet is suitable for bold kitchen spaces with crisp lines, subtle colors, and other restrained design elements. Meanwhile, a commercial faucet will be ideal for bringing out the professional chef in you.

Closing Thoughts

The faucet is an essential element for making your kitchen more practical and attractive. You will come across different types of kitchen faucets that offer top-notch functionality while meeting your style preferences. Check out the collection from Kohler now and make your pick!