Making Mortgage Financing Simple

A property purchase is no easy task; it takes a considerable amount of time and is never as straightforward as it seems. The process is the same for first-time buyers and seasoned homeowners, and it can be tedious. The right expertise can help with a seamless transaction, easily understood terms, and feasible financial decisions when you choose specialised mortgage brokers in NZ. At Simpler, we really believe in simplifying buying a home or property and making a smart investment when you apply online with us.

For most, the thought of letting the experts take control of your property finances makes sense. Others say it does not, and with good reason too. Clients who do not use reputable, professional mortgage brokers end up with financial deals that are expensive, lengthy, and overly complicated. It can be an overall negative experience, which will likely affect how you perceive our line of work for years to come.

However, we can reassure you that, in addition to being a skilled and well-experienced team that has streamlined the financial process, we are also committed to giving you outstanding service from beginning to end.

The following are some of the major advantages of working with Simpler:

Wide range of lenders

Property owners who choose to go direct limit themselves significantly. One bank may offer a low interest rate and seemingly reasonable terms, but that does not imply it is the best offer on the table. As mortgage brokers, we have access to a number of lenders. This will increase the opportunity to secure the best mortgage with competitive interest rates, financial products, and terms.

Industry-led Expertise 

The property and housing markets in New Zealand may seem easy to navigate, but this isn’t always the case for inexperienced buyers. With Simpler, we go above and beyond to provide relevant information to our clients. This will not only be in line with governmental and lender regulations but also local market trends and current finance news. We give you comprehensive solutions based on several factors and backed by our industry-led expertise, to ensure clients receive the best options.

 Cost-Effective Convenience 

People often dismiss how convenient mortgage brokers can be, but it is a significant benefit to working with us at Simpler. The very first step of applying for a mortgage can be lengthy, time-consuming, and costly. This frequently sets the tone for the entire process. But at Simpler, we assure our clients that we simplify the process, assist with paperwork, secure feasible options, negotiate with lenders, and ensure complete transparency throughout.

Financial Industry Compliant

People who have had experience working with a less-than-reputable mortgage broker can paint the entire profession and industry with the same brush. But we assure you that not only are we a licensed financial team, but we also work in line with industry regulations. We stay compliant by ensuring that all standards set out are adhered to. From quotation to acceptance, our clients are guaranteed professional, ethical, and honest brokerage.

Tailored to You

The major disadvantage of only seeking finance from one institution is that clients will hardly ever receive a solution that is tailored to their needs. Most of the time, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is used for every client, and this leaves little room to negotiate or secure the best rate. But at Simpler, we understand that your financial situation may differ from others’. We use more than just your records and information to find the perfect mortgage for you. We look at your credit history and take the time to learn more about your financial goals for the future.

[CTA] Despite common misconceptions that mortgage brokers in NZ are unnecessary or an unneeded cost, we assure our customers that partnering with Simpler can dispel these assumptions. We are in the business of making finance easy to understand and access by simplifying terms and accessing the best rates with our access to major banks.

Make an appointment with us, and let’s start working towards achieving your financial goals today.