Increase Your Sales Through Well-Designed Store Counters

Store counters are among the first few things and places that customers see. They form an impression on the customers, and if that impression is positive, they will most likely shop from your store and probably become your regular customers. That’s why having a well-designed store counter is an important necessity of every store. If your sales are not as good as you want them to be, you should look at your store counter and see if it’s attractive. 

If you are considering replacing your store counter or buying a new one, go for high-quality and professional furniture distributors, such as Displetch. A badly designed store counter can repel customers, which is why you should put considerable thinking into choosing what kind of counters to keep in your store. 

Here are some five ideas for making sure your store counter is impressive and attracts customers:

  1. Incorporate Customers’ Safety into The Design of Your Store Counter

Customers want to feel safe in the store. One way of ensuring that is to make sure your counter is designed such that it allows for a healthy distance between customers and cashiers. 

This is incredibly important in the current times of the pandemic. Make sure there is a place of sanitizer in your store counter as well. Even when the pandemic is over, make sure your counter is clean and protected against microbes. 

  1. Put Catchy Statements on Your Store Counter

Put some witty but wise and relevant remarks on your store counter. The remarks should be written in an attractive font and should fulfill the following purposes:

  • Showing off your store’s personality
  • Making customers feel connected to your store
  • Reinforcing your expertise 
  • Enhancing the look of the counter
  1. Give it an Artistic Look

The more artistic your store counter is, the more it will engage your customers. Make sure the design is both modern and has a classical look as well. 

  1. Put A Tablet Area in Your Counter

Modern people love digital gadgets, which is why you should have a space on your counter specified for tablets on which your customers can browse your products. Make sure there is more than one tablet so that the area near and around the counter doesn’t get crowded.

  1. Put Your Store’s Info on the Counter 

Put your logo and a bit of information about your services and brand on your counter, preferably in colorful and engraved fonts. This would give people an idea about you and will make the customers feel connected to you. 


Having a good-looking and impressive store counter is not a luxury but a necessity of every store. If your store counter is attractive and engaging, it will surely increase your sales. If you want to increase, your sales go for well-designed store counters. 

Consider going for Displetech comptoir pour magasin, which are fully customizable store counters and are tailored to your needs. 

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