Brightline CEO On The Future of High Speed Rail In Florida

 High speed rail projects in the USA have been somewhat of a rarity up to this point. One of the only companies to have brought such a project to fruition is Brightline, which has been operating in Florida. Recently, the CEO of Brightline, Mike Reininger, sat down for an interview to discuss the status of the high-speed rail line and what the future holds for this unique mode of transportation.

The company has plans for creating a high-speed rail line that will connect Orlando to Miami. Construction is slated to be completed by late 2022. The company is currently in the process of finishing up construction in Central Florida.

The Brightline CEO spoke about how the pandemic has impacted the company’s operations. He stated that they were forced to suspend operations for nearly 20 months. However, they have since resumed service. The slated construction has been pushed back slightly

Reininger went on to discuss the future of Brightline and high-speed rail in general. He stated that he believes that this mode of transportation will become increasingly popular in the years to come. The trip will take roughly 3 hours and will offer an experience complete with Wifi, amenities, and more.

We will be watching this project closely as it is sure to offer a number of job opportunities once completed and a shaping for the US rail industry. Lines like this will open up new possibilities for commuters and reduce our dependence on air travel across the USA. With the inclusion of electric vehicles, this could be a project that really jumpstarts the country’s infrastructure.

What do you think about the future of high-speed rail in the USA? Do you think that projects like this will become more common? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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