Benefits of swimming:  Swimming does slim down!

“Oh, does swimming lose weight?” The purpose of the sport is not to lead to weight loss, but it cannot be denied: one of the benefits of swimming is that it helps with weight loss. But for this to happen, the person needs to follow a more regulated training that requires more energy expenditure from the body.

Those strokes that you do sporadically on the weekend may not make a difference on the scale. However, when you challenge your body through swimming, this sport can be a great ally in weight control and weight loss on the scale in a healthy way. You can’t nail if swimming loses weight more than a gym; for example, everything depends on energy expenditure.

Another important piece of information: being in the water, this physical activity generates less impact for the body. So, swimming lessons help those who are overweight or already living with joint problems. So, it’s proven: swimming slims and defines yes!

Swimming gives muscles

Swimming requires the movement and effort of various muscles. Let’s think about the most practiced swimming style: the crawl or the so-called freestyle. To move in the water, the practitioner needs to displace both arms so that they end up “pushing” the water while kicking their legs and moving their face for breathing. Imagine the number of muscles that don’t need to be activated during this swim!

Even those who are not professional athletes can improve their muscle development by taking swimming lessons, increasing their lean mass. It even helps to improve posture, gain more definition and avoid fatigue in everyday situations.

Swimming can be done in several places

Many people may think that swimming is a difficult sport to be practiced, after all, you need a good pool. This is still true, but many cities offer public swimming pools or even free-swimming lessons from the sports department. If you live in a building, swimming lessons can come to you. Some teachers go to your address to apply drills that can be performed in the dimensions of the pool that is available to you.

You can still get some neighbors together, make a package and even get a discount.

Swimming opens the way for other sports

Many swimmers enjoy the sport so much that they start to venture out and get good performance in new modalities and physical activities. Some opt for running, as they have a breathing capacity that allows for “explosions” during races. But triathlon, which joins these two sports with cycling, is a recurring choice. Normally, the swimming part is in the sea. Remembering that the opposite happens a lot too: people who start running or cycling and then fall into the water.

For those who live in cities where it is possible to train in open water, triathlon is even easier to practice. On the coastline, swimming in the sea is very common.

7 – Swimming is good for the mind

Here’s one of the best benefits of swimming. Make friends, help self-esteem, and even de-stress. A 2013 study by Speedo, a leading swimwear and swimming accessory brand, found that 92% of people who were interviewed felt less stressed after poolside workouts. Biologically, it is possible to say that one of the benefits of swimming is providing pleasure. During practice, the athlete has a release of endorphin, which is a hormone that causes happiness! Want something better?