Barcelona The City Of Art and Architecture

What is better than opening your eyes to the breathtaking views of Barcelona? The clear skies, neat streets with stunning street art, the innumerable galleries, and the unique and unforgettable gastronomy! The gothic structures, colorful Ramblas street, and Gaudi’s masterpieces bring to you a novel experience which you carry with you forever.

Barcelona is the largest city and capital of the community- Catalonia (located in the northeastern region of Spain). It is an autonomous region with cuisine, language, culture, and tradition of its own.

Must do’s at Barcelona-

1] Walk through the Alleys of El born

Immerse yourself in the bright colors, aromas and flavors of 4 distinct areas of Spain. Savor the taste of the delicious traditional Tapas, while you walk through the gothic church- Santa Maria Del Mar. Do not miss the concert hall Palau de la Música Catalana!

Relax under the shade of trees, enjoying events at the Heart and soul of El born- the church Passeig del Born.

2] Via Ferrata

Experience the exquisite nature of Catalonia through the via Ferrata climb. The climb is protected. Climbers secure themselves to safety cables, ensuring a safe climb. The landscape views, the adrenaline rush will leave you astounded.

3] Mosaic workshop

The Gaudi’s masterpieces are something that Barcelona identifies with. The two hour workshop teaches the ‘trencadis’ technique. You get to know briefly about the evolution of the art form, and you can carry your self-made piece of a mosaic art, as a memoir. This workshop is a great opportunity to socialize.

4] Gracia’s Tapas tour

A complete treat to your taste buds and eyes! The gastronomic route in Barcelona offers a combination of food and history providing you with a gourmet experience. Catalan Rumba; the popular dance form, was born here. Experience the famous Casa Vicenç and the bohemian vibe the village provides.


Walk into a labyrinth; experiencing 19th century Barcelona, the modernist architectural structures which still stand tall with pride, get thrilled by the Barranquismo canyoning, satisfy your bellies and your heart. You could do so much, yet so much remains. Even with 100 visits you can’t get every bit of the city. Infinite number of stories and mythical spots lay hidden in Barcelona.

The Barcelonian tours of Barcelona choose emblematic places of the city that offer you the best experience you can derive out of your visit.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and begin your journey!

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