3 Things You Ought to Know about Family Law Investigations

When a couple goes through a divorce (a contested one), they go through a lot of finger-pointing, mean statements, and accusations. There are certain demands as well.

Your spouse could hide certain assets and information from you. This is where you need a family law investigator. There are certain things you need to know about this terminology. Here we are with a quick post that talks about the three things you ought to know about family law investigations.

Let’s get started!

What’s family law investigation?

A family law investigation is where one or two lawyers in a divorce case hire an investigator to gather all kinds of information about the spouse’s professional and personal life. Are they cheating on you? Do they have any hidden assets? Are they hiding anything at all from you?

Family law investigators verify certain things like:

  • Where your spouse lives
  • Where they work
  • How much money do they earn?
  • How often do they come home?
  • Is your spouse living with another person?
  • How do they treat the children?

The private investigator would also look at the criminal records of the spouse. A detailed background check is done to see if your spouse is clean.

3 Things You Need to Know about Family Law Investigation

  1. Your spouse will try to prove you are a bad parent

There will be false accusations. Your partner might say that you misbehave with the child or hit them. The court will take a decision based on facts and evidences. Do you think you can get a footage of CCTV recordings? This could make or break the whole deal.

  1. Social Media can be used as evidence

Never put anything distasteful about your partner online. Social media is a toxic place – people post mean things about their partner online.

Private investigators can do the job and find out if your spouse has been putting anything negative about you or your child online.

This could be helpful in situations like child custody, alimony, and division of assets.

  1. Background investigation is a must

Companies like Perceptage offer background investigation services. This is quite crucial in family law investigations.

The private investigator will try to find out if the spouse has any criminal record, another partner living with them, etc.

Background investigations are helpful in child custody cases. Hence, go for it without a shade of doubt.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that you will find the best private investigator and hire them immediately. Let them handle your case and do a private investigation. You need as much evidence to win the case and get sole child custody or the alimony/settlement you deserve.