3 Temporary Structures for Better Construction

Live construction has many moving parts, much more than expected by the layman. In this case, utilizing temporary structures is a strategic necessity. Firstly, they form the building blocks of the entire building process. These structures allow experts and workers to easily scale and navigate a structure, while also transporting important raw materials to where they’re needed. Secondly, a temporary structure ensures safety and efficiency at a construction site. These structures are crucial for a construction project to take off smoothly. 

Here are the 3 major approaches to such structures: 


Scaffoldings surround a construction project, offering a secure platform for workers to navigate a space vertically. Two popular approaches exist in scaffolding. A Ringlock rosette scaffolding, as the name suggests, uses a rosette-like connection for rapid assembly and stability. Meanwhile, frame scaffolding is popular for its sheer simplicity and ease of use. No matter what type is preferred, they seek to elevate accessibility and safety at the site- leading to speedy and efficient construction.


A construction project is not instant, and thus arrangements must be made for both temporary and long-term shelters. Options here include Low and High Range Shelters, providing a shield from overall construction elements. The key here is adaptability. Expect some unconducive weather? A quick shelter can be set up to counter against it. Need a space for workers to finish specialized tasks, a shelter can be set up to provide relative focus. Shelters, thus, improve the quality of the project.

Access Floors

Access floors are a must for any multi-level construction project. Go for a suspended floor approach if utilities require a lot of storage. Scaffolding floors can enhance accessibility at different heights. Meanwhile, console work floors are unique for their modular design, allowing a stable surface for specialized tasks. Access floors ensure that construction sites are a place for streamlined operation, efficient workflow, and secure workers.

While ‘temporary’ in nature, even temporary structures must be built with extreme attention to detail and caution. This is where the skilled structure temporaire ingénierie NadeauSDM comes in. Recognizing the importance of the workforce at the site, these engineers are specialized in building high-quality, reliable, and stable temporary structures. This instils the workforce with confidence. Knowing that their safety is paramount allows complete focus on the project at hand rather than concerns over potential harm. As such, a high-quality temporary structure directly translates into a stable and successful construction project!

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