3 Services Offered By Dental Offices in Powell, TN

Visiting a dental clinic is an overwhelming experience for many. But it is vital to resolve an issue in its initial stage by fixing an appointment with your nearest dentist every six months. Being careless can lead to several oral health issues that may be difficult to treat with time.

Although people visit Powell, TN dental office to treat different dental issues, there are some common procedures everyone should know. It is so because tooth decay has become the most common issue in Tennessee, which ranks 38th for oral health in the country. Around 40% of the population feel their life is less enjoyable due to poor oral health, and 16% say the formation of their teeth influences their prospects of securing a job.

Since dental health problems have become a major issue in Powell, let’s find out the various treatments you can get done from a dentist to restore your confidence and make yourself more desirable.

Dental Cleanings And Prevention

Oral cleaning and prevention is the most typical reason people visit a dentist. It includes services like digital X-rays, fluoride treatment, and teaching the proper way to brush and floss.

Since brushing twice a day is not as efficient as the tools used by a dentist, one must undergo this procedure every six months. It will make the teeth healthier, stronger, and shinier without causing any discomfort.

Dental Restorations And Implants

It involves the repair or substitution of damaged teeth. Prosthodontist professionals design, create and install artificial replacements for missing or broken teeth to restore the realistic appearance of the mouth. 

This process includes fillings, implants, dentures, capping, bridging, and whitening.

If you want to repair a fractured tooth or cavity, a dentist will examine it using an X-ray and fix it with a filling. If you have yellow teeth, whitening will make it look as good as new. If you have a missing tooth or gap, bridging can restore your smile and improve your overall appearance.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Another beneficial service that diagnoses and fixes oral diseases affecting our teeth’s structure is periodontal treatment. It helps cure gum problems, which may need surgery if detected at a later stage. This treatment is helpful for people with serious gum issues. It also offers surgeries like pocket reduction and gum grafting.

Wrapping Up

A smile is a critical part of an individual’s personality that is why it is so crucial to take good care of the teeth and gums. Even if you experience a minor discomfort, tooth aches, gum issues , you must go to your nearest dental clinic for an oral checkup.

Always remember, a stitch in time saves nine!