Why you really need exhibition carpets:

Exhibition carpets are for people that don’t want to wear their shoes in a room that have been used for so long it has gotten dirty. Obviously you wouldn’t do that but there are some things about the room that need to be cleaned or it will never look better. Exhibition carpets are made of anti-static, static-free materials and weigh up to 15kg which makes them heavy and very durable. Exhibition carpets are often used in medical offices, trade shows and exhibitions with glass floors as well as hotel lobbies.

Exhibition Carpets are truly unique! They are eye-catching and attention-getting and will be sure to create interest in any room they adorn. More importantly, they add atmosphere to your home or business, making you a more attractive place to visit. Exhibition carpets are used at exhibitions, trade shows and conferences to create a unique and dynamic atmosphere. These drop-length carpeting are available in a variety of colors, patterns and materials to maximize the impact of your special event. The exhibition carpet is perfect for the indoor market or furniture shop. It has a strong durability and detail.

Mistakes that destroy exhibition carpets:

Exhibition carpets have been used in the trade for centuries, but they are not always made to last. Here are some common errors that can leave them looking worse than damaged and exposing the carpet’s core. We aim to remove these mistakes from the world of exhibitions with our range of high-performance exhibition carpets. We offer a comprehensive selection of different grades, fiber types and thicknesses, offering an all-in-one solution for exhibitions and events. In the vast world of carpet, there are many mistakes that destroy great products. Here are the most common ones and how to avoid them. Exhibitions carpets are often subjected to rough industrial use, which can cause the wool to shed at an alarming rate.

How we improved our exhibition carpets:

We have improved our exhibition carpets with the help of a professional carpet cleaner. We want to improve our exhibition carpets by adding different colors and patterns. We have improved the quality, durability and performance of our exhibition carpets. Our new flex-frame technology provides with the exhibition carpets, our aim is to improve the social impact of events and exhibitions by catering for all needs, including ensuring you work well with visitors.

At exhibition carpets we create brand-new collections every year, giving you a huge variety of colors, textures and designs to choose from. Our new, bespoke ranges allow you to showcase all the features that make your trade show stand out from the crowd. We’re adding new ways to see our carpets and improving the exhibition experience for all attendees. The next generation of the exhibition has everything you need to take in the beauty, design and durability of our carpets. The exhibition carpets are used on a daily basis in shops, trade shows and events. They must be extremely sturdy and solidly built to withstand heavy foot traffic and the dust that is kicked up from shoes. The new collection comes with improved resistance to wear and tear, as well as being made of pure wool.