Steps to Take While Filing a Car Accident Claim After a Whiplash

Whiplashes are soft tissue injuries that are caused by rear-end car accidents. They occur when the car suddenly stops, causing the passengers to jerk forward. The sudden force on the head and neck causes whiplashes. If you are a whiplash victim, you are entitled to seek compensation. Contact Freeburg Law to get more information.

Whiplashes result in many health problems that can have long-term complications. It reduces the quality of life for all surviving individuals and costs a large number of expenses. The victims are burdened with the costs of hospital bills, physiotherapist appointments, medicines, etc.

Whiplashes occur due to the negligent conduct of another driver. They will be charged with a personal injury lawsuit.

If you are considering filing a claim for your whiplash injury, follow these steps to ensure your claim gets accepted.

  • Seek immediate medical help

After an accident, make sure to seek the help of a medical professional as soon as possible. It is crucial to get yourself checked up even if you do not have any obvious symptoms of whiplash. Often, the signs start becoming obvious after hours or days. The symptoms include numbness in limbs, shoulder and back pain, difficulty in neck movement, blurring of vision, irritation, memory problems, disturbed sleeping, depression, etc. Make sure to seek immediate medical help. Fast detection of injuries promotes timely treatment. This prevents the injuries from getting worse and expedites the recovery process. It also helps in the claim process as the medical records aid in proving the credibility of your accident.

  • Make sure to follow the prescriptions given by the doctor.

 It is essential to follow the regimen prescribed by your healthcare provider duly. It helps in quick recovery and reduces the side effects. Along with that, following the treatment plan helps display the severity of your injury in front of the insurance company and the jury. Discontinuation of the treatment plan can potentially ruin your chances of getting a compensatory amount. It can also affect the amount as well.

  • File an Insurance Claim as soon as possible

Make sure to file a claim within the deadline set by the insurance company, so you do not miss any chances of getting compensation. Remember that you must provide only factual information to the insurer about the accident. Avoid giving personal opinions. Do not admit fault in front of them under any circumstances. Inform them that you are receiving medical help but do not disclose the severity of your issues.