How Often Can I Get my Teeth Professionally Cleaned

It is well-known that getting your teeth cleaned professionally annually is very advantageous for your dental health. Of course, you brush your teeth regularly, floss, and follow the best oral practices to keep your teeth and gum healthy. But, it is not enough! Sometimes, some plaque accumulates between your teeth or gums, and even after brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth regularly and adequately, it might not get cleaned. Left uncleaned for a long time leads to gum disease or tooth decay. 

Hence, regular dental checkups are vital to maintaining good oral health, not only for you but for your family as well. And a Burlington, Ontario family dentist will help you with that! But first, let us know why exactly dental cleanings are necessary.

Why do I need to clean my teeth professionally?

No matter how healthy your diet or brushing technique is, there is always a high probability that the gaps between teeth and gums retain small amounts of plaque and tartar. 

On top, sugary foods promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth that leads to tooth decay. 

Once you get your teeth professionally cleaned, any chances for the growth of this bacteria are killed. Sometimes, certain foods stain your teeth, and your dental hygienist or dentist will ensure these stains or spots are removed to give you bright and shiny teeth.

How often do I need to get my teeth cleaned?

Generally, it is recommended that you get your teeth cleaned professionally by a dentist or a dental hygienist at least once in 6 months, so twice a year. This is typically enough to rid you of plaque buildup in your mouth.

In fact, if you maintain good oral hygiene and practice the best dental habits, you can get dental checkups every 9-12 months only. But in the end, it depends on the patient. If the patient is prone to dental diseases or has a history of them, the dentist might suggest they get their teeth cleaned more often.

So, if you maintain oral hygiene consistently, you do not have to be scared of any disease. Also, visiting the dentist regularly might help you catch early signs of certain diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, or tooth decay, and you can avoid them altogether if you know beforehand.

Is getting your teeth cleaned a lot risky?

Well, there is no fixed amount of time to get your teeth cleaned. But, there are chances your teeth might get sensitive, or your enamel might get damaged if you overdo it. Hence, it is best to get the procedure done twice a year if you are skeptical about it.