Guide to finding a good corporate gift supplier

Being a founder or director of the company, you are expected to and looked upon in every decision. Regardless of the occasion, your gift giving must be at par the expectations of the receivers. Corporate gifting carries your company’s brand image and value. A good business succeeds and enjoys great productivity by keeping its employees, partners, and workers satisfied.

Choosing employee gift baskets get easier when you have a gift vendor on board. Let them take your stress away by suggesting you the best in budget. Responsible gift dealers offer eco-friendly and zero waste corporate baskets. Here are the guidelines on finding a reliable one for your company.

7 Tips to find a good corporate gift supplier:

  1. Check out the several offers before buying in large quantity. You must discuss your company budget and ask them to offer you a few good options to choose from. The size and quantity of corporate gifts may vary per the budget and expectations from the business owner.
  2. Avoid promoting your company label a lot or everywhere in corporate gift. Such gifts look more like an ad campaign than a gift. You can indirectly promote or display your company’s culture and values by choosing gifts such as eco-friendly products or zero waste corporate baskets.
  3. Discuss the deadline with the vendor before paying them advance. It is highly critical if you have perishable items. Offices do not work round the clock and some do not work on weekends either. You must discuss your work timings with the vendor to set a proper deadline for gift distribution.
  4. Look for customized options with your company’s logo on the hamper. If you have anything specific in mind, it would be wise to share it beforehand. The vendor must have a clear understanding of your expectations and requirements.
  5. Find a gift vendor that has equally good reputation in the market. They must also be known for their excellent customer service. It is not difficult to find these by checking reviews and ratings online.
  6. Add your personal touch by displaying a note card. Let every employee feel the personal touch with the company and understand how important they are to your company.
  7. If you are signing a contract for employee gift baskets, mention everything discussed mutually between you and the vendor. A contract protects you from the money invested in their business.

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