Describe DS Group’s Commitment Towards Providing Education for Underserved Children/Marginalized Communities

DS Group, apart from being a business conglomerate, also has a philanthropic vision. It firmly believes that education is the cornerstone for empowering communities and shaping a better future. While access to education has improved in recent years, quality education still eludes many, particularly those in urban slums and in marginalize communities.

Focused Initiatives for Holistic Development

A part of DS Group CSR, the Group’s education initiative is concentrated on elementary education for children from tribal backgrounds and urban slums, including those who have dropped out of school or never attended. Partnering with organizations that share their passion, the Group has managed to make significant inroads into underserved communities.

DS Group’s approach isn’t just about textbook learning; they promote skill-centric education to offer better livelihood opportunities. One such initiative is Creativity Adda, designed to serve as a free learning space for children. In association with Shikshantar Sansthan, the project runs in three Delhi-based schools and encourages students to explore a myriad of activities ranging from computer-based learning and traditional arts to sports and cooking.

Beyond Mainstream Education

DS Foundation, supported by DSL, is working to establish an education centre in Barota village, Karnal, Haryana, targeting children from disadvantaged sections. An additional endeavour in Haryana is the Ananda Permaculture Project in Manesar. In partnership with Action for Autism, the initiative focuses on teaching people with autism to create an organic garden filled with vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and incorporates outdoor classroom activities centred around gardening for self-development.

Reaching Out to Remote Communities

In Madhya Pradesh, DSL supports Adharshila Shiksha Samiti in running a Senior Secondary School for Sahariya Tribes in Sheopur district. Serving around 220 students, the school aims to prepare them for higher education. In the past, the DS Group conglomerate supported 10 Satellite Resource Centres that created a pool of first-level learners from the Sahariya tribal community, with a total of 488 students enrolled and supported under the project.

Bridging Educational Gaps in Urban Slums

DS Group’s initiative extends beyond mainstream sectors to target children living in challenging conditions in the slums of Agra and Lucknow. In collaboration with Aryashree Shiksha Samiti, DSL operates 11 Educational Support Centres – 5 in Agra and 6 in Lucknow. These centres offer a two-tiered support system: they help non-school-going children in morning sessions and provide afternoon tutorials for school-attending students. These interventions are essential as many economically disadvantaged parents cannot afford additional tuition, which often results in poor academic performance and a high dropout rate.

A Ray of Hope in Noida

In Nithari village, Noida, DSL has joined hands with the Niveda Foundation to run a non-formal education centre. This initiative focuses on providing basic education to out-of-school children with the ultimate goal of integrating them into the formal education system.

Measurable Impact

These educational interventions have had a remarkable impact, benefiting over 3,000 underprivileged children. This feat is not just a statistic but a life-altering change for each of these children, who, despite their social and economic constraints, now have a chance to break the cycle of poverty and aspire for a brighter, more secure future.

In a world often preoccupied with profits and bottom lines, DS Group’s endeavours in the field of education stand as a testament to the power of responsible entrepreneurship. With each educational initiative, they bring to life their belief that by empowering a single child, you can empower an entire community.

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