Can Civilians Use Armored SUVs

Yes, civilians can buy armored vehicles or get their old vehicles armored. But with little information, people often get confused when they set out to buy one. Armored cars are durable, steady, heavy duty and often can be discomfort for their fellow civilians. According to your need, comfort and budget, you can get your hands on Troy Armoring armored SUV, sedans, trucks, etc. 

To get a clear idea about what to check while you are buying an armored car, here is a list that you need to abide by. 

Things to know before you buy an armored vehicle

If you are planning to invest in an armored vehicle, then knowing a few things about it will make your idea clear. Here are the three factors that you must consider:

Various models of armored vehicles

There is a load of armored vehicles that you can get in the market. Be it a sedan or SUV, or any other kind. The following list will help you know about the various types of armored vehicles. 

  • Armored Limousine- these are the Mercedes, BMW or Audi that you can get your hands on if you want safety and luxury at the same time. 
  • Armored sedans- if you use the car for personal reasons, then the sedan is the best option for you. 
  • Civilian armored SUVs- civilian armored vehicles are for you when you have a big family or you are in the business of delivering fragile or high-value goods. 
  • Armored trucks- the purpose of these vehicles are solely for the transportation of high-value goods. 
  • Sports cars- armored sports cars are rare, but still, if you want them, you can opt for modification of your sports car. 

Interior of the car 

The interior of the car is a personal choice. Thus, it varies from car to car. You can either install an armoire sliding doors that will separate you from the front seat, letting you enjoy your privacy. Or, you can install a night vision display, road tracking, etc. 


Now that you know the types and other important factors about armoring vehicles, buying an armored vehicle will be easier for you. Whilst you can always buy a car, there are other options like buying a secondhand armored car or modifying your old car into an armored car. 

Whatever, you might choose, these cars will ensure that you are safe for intruders, bad road condition and extreme climates.