Babar Azam Upset After a T20 Shocking Loss to Zimbabwe

Babar Azam

Ups and downs are a part of the cricketing world. The scenario of quick turns and unbelievable wins or losses isn’t unheard of in cricket. Whether it’s a test match, T20, or ODI, you can’t be 100% sure what will happen by the end of the day. Pakistan’s recent T20 loss to Zimbabwe is one such moment. Babar Azam, the Pakistani batting Maestro, said that he was hurt after his team’s shocking loss to Zimbabwe. Let’s delve deeper and find out more about this match.

Why Did Babar Azam Slam His Team After the Loss?

Even though surprises aren’t uncommon in cricket, no player likes to swallow them easily. This point gets punctuated when you lose to a weaker side. Let’s get to the highlights of the so-called match against Zimbabwe. First of all, Zimbabwe was playing without Sean Williams (the regular captain) and Greg Ervine (a senior batsman) due to injuries.

So, the side looks even weaker compared to the strong Pakistani team. On top of that, Zimbabwe managed to defeat Pakistan in a low-scoring match by 19 runs. Babar Azam‘s Images after the loss highlighted these points.

The Lessons From Babar Azam For His Batsmen

Babar said that the below-par performance against Zimbabwe has hurt him. He pointed out various flaws in the team’s performance in that match. Babar Azam slammed the batsmen for not performing against Zimbabwe, stating such things would hurt their winning chances in the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023.

While the Pakistani bowlers ensured that Zimbabwe didn’t score much, Babar didn’t react much to the bowling department. Why? First of all, the opponents had a weak batting side. Secondly, two of their strong batsmen were missing the match due to injuries. So, a low score from Zimbabwe was obvious.

What stunted Babar Azam was the fact that his batsmen took the match casually. They didn’t play as a team, and that cost them the match. Collaboration is the name of the game in the cricket world. Many matches have been won by teamwork. Teamwork and collaboration ensure 70% victory, while the remaining 30% accounts for luck. This is why Babar was unhappy with his team’s performance.

Babar Azam News Briefing: A Word of Warning

Although Babar is a cool-minded player, he takes the game seriously. He accepts defeats with a smile and preserves humility in victories. However, certain things and shortcomings can’t be ignored. Babar understands this point well. This is why Babar Azam made a public statement about the T20 defeat against Zimbabwe.

According to him, his team’s performance has hurt him a lot. He said the Pakistanis played poor cricket, which accounted for an unbelievable loss. He meant to warn his players of the consequences of bigger tournaments. He knows that such loopholes are watched by other teams. They might capitalize on Pakistan’s shortcomings and beat them (which Babar doesn’t want).

Concluding Thoughts

Wins and losses are common in cricket. However, certain defeats are hard to swallow and can trigger a series of losses in the future. This is why Babar Azam publicly spoke about the loss of the match. He meant to remind his team about collaboration as a team for better performance in the future.