Advantages of Yachting in Barcelona

To organize a bright and unforgettable vacation on the water, you don’t need to go far away. Today in Barcelona, comfortable yachts are available for rent, which can be an excellent solution for unforgettable and relaxed time on the water. Sea cruises are popular among people of different generations, as there are various onboard entertainment options for everyone’s taste. A holiday or weekend is a long-awaited time for many people, finally allowing them to unwind and fully relax with friends and relatives. Yachting is a versatile option, as it can combine both passive and active leisure activities.

Bright and Unforgettable Yacht Tours in the Mediterranean Sea

  • A sea tour in Barcelona through the Mediterranean Sea is a great chance to get closer to local attractions, enjoy picturesque nature, and breathe in the fresh air.
  • The routes offered by maritime companies are diverse. Sea cruises can be spectacular, thrilling, or leisurely and measured. During the trip, you can stop at piers to explore attractions up close. Yachts in Barcelona available for rent are managed by experienced skippers. A boat cruise can be either classic or sightseeing, allowing you to admire beautiful city landscapes directly from the deck.

The yacht’s cabins and salon are comfortable and cozy, perfect for extended trips. They are equipped with modern technology – audio and video equipment, air conditioning. Therefore, if the weather suddenly turns bad, you can comfortably stay in an enclosed space. There are comfortable sun loungers on the decks for sunbathing. You can organize a large, spectacular celebration onboard, with a galley and banquet hall available. The yacht agency “Barcelona Boat Rental” pays close attention to each client and helps to choose the right vessel. You can choose a small, affordable boat or a luxurious luxury liner.

The “Lady” yacht can be an ideal solution for water leisure. It is equipped with a covered and open area, a banquet hall, and five cabins. The luxury-class vessel is characterized by cozy and noble interiors. The rental price is 450 euros per hour. The “Azimut 68S” yacht is often rented for comfortable relaxation. The vessel is equipped with large panoramic windows, excellent sound insulation, and air conditioning. The interior salon has high ceilings, and the banquet hall is spacious. The yacht rental price is 525 euros per hour. You can rent yachts of various capacities at affordable prices from the Barcelona Boat Rental company.